Steam of Life

Miesten Vuoro
Steam of Life

81min, Finland, 2010

Original title: Miesten Vuoro
English title: Steam of Life
Photography: Heikki Färm, Jani Kumpulainen
Editor: Timo Peltola
Sound: Christian Christensen
Production: Joonas Berghäll / Oktober Ltd.

Finnish men cry after all, as we see in Steam of Life. It is a delicate cross-section – a series of different, yet at heart similar stories about the most important things in life, its tragedies, and even its joys. The importance of family is emphasized in the stories gathered from all corners of Finland. Losing someone close to you one way or another is the worst thing a man can encounter.
The sauna acts as a catalyst that makes a man open up to another. Body and soul are cleansed at the same time. Sauna rituals, such as vihta, löyly and beer, create an atmosphere conducive to pooling personal concerns.
Vast nature shots merge effortlessly with the narrators’ states of mind. Steam of Life presents Finnish men’s cry for help, but at the same time a hopeful release, a way out from loneliness and introversion. As long as there is someone who listens, there is hope.
Text: Mikko I. Elo | Translation by Anna Volmari

- Risto Jarva Award and Audience Award, Tampere Film Festival 2010
- Prize of the Interreligious Jury, Visions du Réel - International Documentary Film Festival, Nyon, Switzerland 2010
- Main Award, Doc Aviv - The 12th Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel 2010
- The Millennium Award, 7th Planete Doc Review, Warsaw, Poland 2010
- Grand Prize, 24th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthrolopology Film Festival, Estonia 2010
- Silver Dove, DOK Leipzig - The 53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany 2010
- Universities Award, Doclisboa - International Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal  2010
- Special Jury Mention, Silverdocs, Silversprings/Maryland/USA 2010
- Best International Cinematography, Documentary Edge Festiva, New-Zealand 2011
- Artistic Vision Award, Big Sky Film Festival, USA 2011
- Nomination for the Best European Documentary Prix Arte Award, European Film Academy 2010



MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art
June 12th at 3 pm